Finally, Purple
for Kids

Kids Deserve Great Sleep, Too

We've created the Purple Kids collection to give kids the unique comfort of the Purple Grid and
other innovative Purple products, so they can be better rested and make their dreams a reality.

Kid Mattress

Kid Mattress

Purple in a... bunk bed? Yep! We designed this mattress specifically for our younger fans to give the same unique Grid™ benefits in a softer, twin-size design.

Designed For:

Kids up to 14 years old

Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

Designed for growing teens and adults! Our most popular bed sleeps cool and instantly responds to your body with our patented No-Pressure Support.

Designed For:

Teens and adults


Only the Purple Grid

Eliminates Pressure

Eliminates Pressure

The Grid is both soft and supportive and will give your kid the same No Pressure Support demonstrated in our egg drop video!

Instantly Adapts

Instantly Adapts

No matter their sleep style, the Grid adapts and responds to their movement.

Sleeps Cool

Sleeps Cool

Our temperature-neutral gel and 1,400+ air channels keep your kid comfortably cool all night long.

Every Purple Mattress is




Born in the USA

Made in the USA

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Kid Sheets

Super stretchy, soft, and cool to unleash the full potential of the Kid Mattress.


Kid Purple Pillow

We created a softer and lighter Purple Pillow to provide a cool, comfortable, and supportive night's sleep for our younger fans.


Mattress Protector

An absolute must-have to help keep their mattress clean and looking fresh.


Why Purple Is Perfect for Kids

perfect for kids

Get the Most Out of Their Sleep

The Purple Grid helps kids sleep great with cool, joint-cradling comfort, so they can recharge and perform better in school and be ready to make their dreams come true.

Ultra Durable for Kids

Purple products are ready for whatever life throws at them, whether it’s a nighttime accident or spilled food. Purple is ready!

Safety First

No worries here! The materials we used to create the Purple Grid are nontoxic and hypoallergenic, so you know your child is safe.